Reels & SHORTS

Born to Kibitz Clip: Eddie Slater 

Noir Pillow Talk Murder

Marabou Feathers Short Film

 Cherzoso The Silent Film

Distribution with First Focus International

Somewhere Poppies Can Grow Clips

Sophie Borisova Flowers the Rollerskating Psychic

My Story Sucks Clip: Mother and Alex

Born to Kibitz Clip: Giggles the Clown 

C.T.P. (Coping Through Pain) Clips

Office Hours

Bea’s Wedding Night

Talking Food TV

Tracy Ann Chapel: Demo Reel

Club Date Silent Short Film

Annie Hall Narcolepsy Scene Clip

The Dating Dad: Spy Clip

Telling Jokes for Italy


Dad's Lamp

My Dad’s Office Lamp in the Mad Men Series for AMC Television