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From First Focus International:

On Feb 17, 2020, at 8:20 AM, Carey Westbrook wrote to Tracy Ann Chapel

Hey, You make me a better King. You teach me to dance. You make me laugh. Your stories and you bring me to tears. You help me build whole worlds out of nothing. My words fall short of how amazing you are. It is an honor to be in your presence. There’s too much to say 🙂 Our masterpiece should be done soon and I hope you will work with me in the future.

“A King stands up straight and doesn’t slouch.” my favorite Tracy Ann Chapel line. 🙂

Best Wishes,


Carey Westbrook wrote this letter right after we worked on a project together. The first photo is of director and writer Carey Westbrook editing the script, and the second photo, is of Tracy Ann Chapel in character backstage.

Carey Westbrook Writer DirectorTracy Ann Chapel Carey Westbook ProjectDUMBO FILM FESTIVAL SEMI LAUREL FUNERAL CLOWN


SEMI-FINALIST January 2020 

Tracy Ann ChapeL

The Funeral Clown’s Dream

FCD Laurel One Reelers @019

The Funeral Clown’s Dream

Tracy Ann Chapel

December 2019

Special Mention Award Winner in the One-Reeler Film Competition



17 OCTOBER 2019


The Funeral Clown’s Dream became a finalist in The Los Angeles Global Shorts film festival competition and won awards for special Mention and Editing.

IMG_6489Official Selection Global Shorts Small

Marabou Feathers

The Vegas Film Festival gave Marabou Feathers an Official Selection Narrative Film Award in Los Vegas, Nevada.


Cherzoso The Silent Film

Won a Finalist Award at the Olympus Film Festival in Los Angeles, California.

Olympus Good

Marabou Feathers

Won the One-Reeler Competition Film Festival gave Marabou Feathers a Special Mention Award.

one reel Official Selection


L. A. Neo Noir Novel, Film & Script Festival 

ACTING AWARD for Tracy Ann Chapel 

View their website and see Tracy’s interview with the festival Director Carey Westbrook and a clip of the film:


Femme Fatale Award

Marabou Feathers

The Clown character is now up on Vimeo, has a Facebook page, and is on 

A pushy clown speaks up at a memorial for her closest friends by urgently pleading and telling newsy stories. Clown Tracy Ann Chapel, Pastor Barry Clayton Bright, Thanks Christopher Nibley, Assistant Editor Joe W. Acton.  A film by Tracy Ann Chapel.

Malabu Feathers new

Redondo Diary Blog  

The Foodie Girls will soon be up and running in Winter (2020).


We Make Movies at Broadwater Theatre

 The Los Angeles screening of “Bucky”  a short film written by Geoffrey Gould. 

The We Make Movies filmmaker’s  board of directors with Tracy Ann Chapel seated right.

Broadwater Bucky. jpeg

Cher Vimeo

Cherzoso The Silent Film

First Focus International Distribution is representing Cherzoso the Silent Film as in all media.  

Close up the Dancer

Somewhere Poppies Can Grow 

Filmed in San Francisco, California and directed by Donald Sandoval.

A film about Ballet dance and a mother and daughter’s complicated relationship.

Somewhere Poppies Can Grow reveals what happens when Poppy eats pie on her birthday after she learns about her mother’s death that same day.

Poppy is played by: Alexandra Fabbri, Rose (her mother) is played by: Tracy Ann Chapel, and the restaurant Manager is played by: Donald Sandoval.

Sophie the Rollerskating Psychic

Sophie is interviewed on Born to Kibitz about her predictions for 2019 and her knowledge of how Elvis Presley is doing today and other celebrities.

IMG_2682Sophie handshake

Talk Show Interview: Born to Kibitz

Born to Kibitz with host Rick Sandack, guest Michael Kagan (as Bubba Dean) and Tracy Ann Chapel (as Giggles the Clown).

Giggles Backstage Car

Giggles before the show without her makeup and nose leaning on (clown car) Red Flash.


Mothers and Daughters Connecting in the Kitchen:

A Collection of Stories and Recipes.

My story “Let Me Show You” was published 7 July 2018

“Let Me Show You”

Written by Tracy Ann Chapel

EAT, DARLING, EAT  “Eat, Darling, Eat”

Short Film:  My Story Sucks  Released 4 June 2018

Tracy Ann Chapel as supporting cast member Mother.

Looking back Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 2.10.51 AM

3 December 2019 Anouncement

Roper: Feature FILM

Scheduled to begin filming in 2021

Now in script with Producer Irving Schulman. Script is in re-write, budget is being set in motion and planning meeting scheduled for February 2020. Cast and crew soon will be assembled and interviewed. We are on our way.


Television Academy Event : The Sinner

Emmy screening of Jessica Biel’s The Sinner with actors Jessica Biel and Bill Pullman.

Photos include: Bill Pullman, Tracy Lynch Britton, Mary Anne, and Tracy Ann Chapel after the screening. Camera and editing by Tracy Lynch Britton.










Noir Pillow Talk Murder Poster Completed

Now edited with new titles.

Large Official Poster Noir Pillow Talk Murder

World of Dance: Screening Photo Fun!

I couldn’t resist adding this green screen mash up publicity shot for the TV show produced by Jennifer Lopez called “World of Dance.” The screening was at the TV Academy and a great time – wonderful show. That’s me looking a little bigger than everyone else in the back row.


GIG DESIGN The Creative Process of Invention: Filmmaking Short

Written by Tracy Ann Chapel

Gig Design which Tracy is a course alumni published her writing on the
“The Creative Process of Invention: Filmmaking Short.”
I used GIG Designs exercise of sanding a block of wood as the prerequisite to the filmmaking process.   

Effusion Africa: The Women 2.1 Summit Introduction Film 

My friend, former co-worker the creator of “Women Now,” Benjamin Gregory Aggrey honored me with an invitation to attend his initial summit. Benjamin’s idea for the conference revealed the purpose of  transformation and change for women in Africa and became the “WOMAN 2.1 Summit.” He wanted to change Africa one women at a time by helping them to thrive into adulthood. My response to his invitation was to introduce the summit on film and Benjamin said “Yes.”  The film was made and Benjamin edited the clip used for the introduction.Ultimately, I was there in Kumasi supporting Benjamin to inspire the lives of women in Africa and consequently the world.

Woman 2.1 Summit

Kumasi, Ghana, West Africawomen-now-grab

Woman 2.1 Summit Teaser YouTube


Woman 2.1 Summit Introduction (Uncut Version with music)

WOMAN 2.1 Summit Introduction  

A Facebook message from Benjamin: SummitFBcopy

Filmmaker: Tracy Ann Chapel

This video I made in my apartment on my computer carried great power;

That’s me checking the  room light.




Clowns : Giggles, Cici, and Sofia


Karen Paul, San Francisco School of Circus Arts C.J. Gross, Clownmobile and Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Baily Circus Palio Lacy, Make ~ A ~ Circus

Red noses small

Backstage red noses: Clown Tracy Ann Chapel with San Francisco clown-juggler M. Alden.


img_0949_2Dancer, Ballet Russe Natalia Borisova, Director The Mark Hopkins Hotel ~ San Francisco , Californiarussian-me-in-the-middle-2Dancer, Russia Leonid Shagaloff, Director The Russian Festival ~ San Francisco, Californiamunich-full-bell

Lead Dancer, Almenrausch Schuplattler

James Zimmermann, Director Hoffbrauh House ~ Munich, Germanyflirt-back

Lead Dancer, Almenrausch Schuplattler

James Zimmermann, Director The Garrett ~ Rum,  Austria


 Lead Dancer, Almenrausch Schuplattler James Zimmermann, Director The Tourist Club, Nature Friends San Francisco, Mill Valley, CaliforniaGerman Black and white


PetIMG_9853 small“What I Did For Love”The PetersonsToast_1024Production Manager and PerformerMusicRD copy

McClary Music Productions

ENTERTAINMENT BROKER, San Francisco and Los Angeles, California

Paul Chiten, Nick Milo, and Ed McClary working atThe Venetian Room, Las Vegas

The Venetian Room, Las Vegas




 Nicklin Models, San Jose and Los Angeles

The Actor's Prayer




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In Rememberance:

John Sarno Cira 1978 Getty ImagesActor and Acting Coach, John Sarno Cira 1978 (Getty Images)

The Charlotte M. Valentine Interview

Charlotte M. Valentine: Why this choice, this life style?

Tracy Ann Chapel: Sometimes I just want to say; “I don’t know” and just skip it and go on to the next question, but I know the answer. I do. I have to do this. There is no other choice for me. I would find myself doing other things and crying or angry for no reason. Hate that. It feels right for me … kind of a “do or die” thing.

CMV: Who are you really?

TAC: A very shy and little girl who likes to laugh.

CMV: Why the interest in acting?

TAC: Maybe it’s the kid in me, who could never come out. My parents were really strict and not around. I didn’t ever really learn how to play and laugh and have fun.

CMV: So you were a really shy kid?

TAC: Yep, voted the shyest kid in my high school class. I didn’t like that too much so I took a drama class to work it out. Then I though it would be easier saying someone else’s words than my own. And maybe Mom would understand me then.

CMV: Did she?

TAC: No. The theatre thing made things worse. My confidence improved … I got into costuming for approval and was even offered a college scholarship in theatrical costuming. Mom didn’t go for it. Theatre didn’t work so I tried other things. My Mom was an oil painter. I became an oil painter. Another bad choice. My college painting teacher wanted me to go to the second year course and just skip the first year. My teacher liked my painting that much. Mom refused to help things got complicated. So no costuming. No theatre. No art. My parents said they wouldn’t support it and besides, Mom felt I was only capable of becoming a secretary who married the boss. I couldn’t do that. She did that. So I left home when I was eighteen years old.

CMV: What happened next?

TAC: Well, I worked as a makeup artist in a department store … at least the name had “art” in the title. I made no money and had a green apple everynight for dinner. I lost weight and became flat broke. I became a fashion model for my second job. I liked the work and the wardrobe was nice. I had a lot of fun.

CMV: So you liked playing dress up?

TAC: At the time? I wanted more … I think … Now, I still love it and am glad to get the work. I will never forget a runway modeling job where I cut up and got my first laughs … by patting my fake belly modeling maternity clothes ……… I just couldn’t resist. Thank God. My agent was there and he loved it!

CMV: So you were testing the waters then?

TAC: Something was coming out. I really liked it. I wanted to perform so I did costumes for the theatre again. I was looking for something. I got my chance but not in theatre. I was asked to join a dance troop. I liked their costumes so I said “Yes”… I had never danced anything besides a little ballet and modern. I auditioned and the director said, ”Ok, she can dance.” I learned the dances fast and didn’t give up. So I danced. And danced … folk, Russian character, and a little ballroom.

CMV: What happened to the talking?

TAC: Well, I was working on that. I think. I moved to San Francisco and took an acting class. Got some acting work and joined the Screen Actors Guild. I went to clown school at the San Francisco School of Circus Arts. Then I broke my leg on the way to a dance gig. Sooo … I couldn’t dance. I couldn’t work. I had to talk.  Acting and clowning became first priority and dance last.

On line Art Exhibit

(Photo Unknown)

CMV: Okay, …. What’s going on? You dropped out of sight for a few years.

TAC: No time for fun and games I thought … with my leg in a cast, I did everything I could. I cleaned houses for rich people in a cast and all of a sudden, everyone wanted me. I was in demand to clean their stuff. The cast came off and I got a real job. I worked for Vera Wang at Saks and sold wedding gowns to rich people. More rich people. I did some theatre and kept the classes going. My boss at Saks told me I couldn’t work for Vera Wang and do theatre work too. I could not take anymore roles. No rehearsals. No acting classes. I had to be available twenty-four hours a day for seven days a week.

CMV: Wait a minute, you said;  “You had to do” performance work?

TAC: Sales is performing isn’t it? I talked myself into it … and then … I had a husband who was working for a start up company that seemed to just keep “starting up” ….. whatever that means …….. and a regular pay check was not happening for him. My Dad quit performing for our family. Maybe, I thought I had to do the same thing. Everyday, I talked myself out of it.

CMV: Is this where the “Do or die” comes in?

TAC: Yep, I wasn’t living and “Doing” that’s for sure. Then one day, I got really sick and almost died in intensive care. They kept me there for 12 days.

CMV: That’s a long time to be in the hospital.

TAC: Yea, you are forced to stop everything in your life. Really made me think about what I was doing. God must of said; “That’s it!” “STOP IT!!” “Hold it!!!” You know, those near death experiences, they really do have an effect. I started changing my life. Changing things for my dreams and me. I started to see myself as a person who sees their dreams through.

Tracy Ann Chapel by Chris Nibley

(Photo Christopher Nibley)

CMV: So what are you doing now?

TAC: I’m laughing loud and having fun being myself and I dare myself to do things.

CMV: Glad to know you are daring. Okay. What is your favorite color?

TAC: Green like my eyes …. they change colors,  green somedays and blue too. Really! I like them … (laughs).

CMV: ….. And your birth sign?  …. I have it somewhere in my notes …..

TAC: Leo.

CMV: …. And your favorite person?

TAC: Ever? My Nana. My Grandma.

CMV: Desert Island friend?

TAC: That’s gotta be a guy!

CMV: Okay. I agree. Who?

TAC: An Actor?… that would have to be someone like Liam Neeson, or better yet, Bill Pullman or Mattius Schoenaerts. You could do a lot with one of them or how about one of the 007’s?

CMV: Tracy, Would you like to say or share anything else?

TAC: Like what?… What do you mean?

CMV: Could be anything you want to say.

TAC: How about “This way to the egress.” by P.T. Barnum?  Bad Joke? Hum…

CMC: No, not quite; something special to you ….

TAC: Well… I know… I heard a quote on the TV ‘ The Actor’s Studio’ … Anthony Hopkins said it from Shakespeare … “Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.”

CMV: Works for me…..

CMV: Thank you, Tracy! I enjoyed this time together.

Neo Noir With Paul Gregory Edit from OP

The L.A. Neo Noir Novel, Film, and Script Festival:  Tracy Ann Chapel and photographer Paul Gregory