Tracy Ann Chapel



Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel, Rome, Italy 


I was born in San Jose, California and there encouraged by my father, I dreamed of acting despite my incredible shyness.

Consequently, as a grade-schooler and teen-ager I began to learn about acting.

I was in school plays and in my high school “Senior Showcase” I played the mom in the classic "Bad Seed" and "this can't be true" were my final words.  I will never forget them. My busy mom was there to see me. I was a star!

I studied piano, toured with and sang in the church choir, worked backstage and on costumes for high school, college, and community theaters. I also rode English saddle, Dressage and owned a thoroughbred stallion, named Cappuccino in Woodside, CA.  

I worked as a model and danced after moving to the San Francisco bay area and also rode English saddle, dressage and owned a thoroughbred stallion, named Cappuccino in Woodside, CA.  

I performed in dance troops Ballet Russe, Russia and Almenrausch Schuplattler dancing in locations all over the United States, Europe, South and North America. 

I trained to become a clown at the Pickle Circus owned, School of Circus Arts in San Francisco. I preformed as a clown named Giggles for Make-a-Circus in San Francisco and for Studio One in Oakland, California. There my favorite clown bit was having a pie throw in my face by Ringling Brothers Circus clown, C. J. Gross also known as Squirmy.

I also worked as a stage actor on the weekends for the Renissance Pleasure Fair in Novato, California. I acted as a Washer Woman, Fool, Sword Fighter, Sign Girl and Bones Dancer.

I attended classes in  film, television, acting, voice-over and other skills, weekly in San Francisco and in San Jose, California, where I studied at The Lucile Bliss Studio, The American Conservatory Theatre (A.C.T.), Full Circle  Productions, Billie Shephard Productions. I was also trained  as a  stand-up comedian by Neil Leibermann, “The Comedy Coach” while living in San Francisco.

I joined Unions SAG, AFTRA and AEA while acting in film and theatre productions, such as playing Ann Deever in All My Sons by Arthur Miller and Rosalind Hay in Moon Over Buffalo by Ken Ludwig in San Francisco.

I fulfilled a dream by traveling to Rome, Italy to see my little kid dream place, The Sistine Chapel and afterwards I changed my stage name to “Tracy Ann Chapel.”

I soon moved to Los Angeles, California to study acting with John Sarno, Scott Sedita and Tracy Lynch Britton and work with Malaky International in Beverly Hills as across the board agents. 

I have acted in film and theatre productions in Los Angeles such as performing the lead role of Bea in Lovers and Other Strangers by Renee Taylor and Joseph Bologna.

I graduated with an Associates degree from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Pasadena, California and finished my culinary studies in San Francisco working under French Pastry Chef, Dominique Delanghe.

I am living in Los Angeles, California with my cat, Charlie Chaplin while finishing my BA in filmmaking.

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin