Tracy Ann Chapel


Demo Reel

Includes clips from: Annie Hall, Out of Africa, Morning Routine, The Dating Dad and Date Night. (Edited by Tracy McFarlin)

Club Date

Kramer vs Kramer

Laugh (Voice Over)

The Dating Dad: Spy Clip

Annie Hall Narcolepsy Scene (Final Acting Assignment)

            Annie Hall Spider Scene  (Clips from Crew Assignment)


Janked Film Clip

You can see me in the film as Crying Bitch 1

Four Winds Trailer

View the Official Trailer

(Whole) Film Clips

Anonymous Dreams Complete Film

Cops Shows Anonymous Television Show on Youtube

Episodic Series Shows 1-3 and 6

Quarter Season Promo

Season Finale

Youtube 2 Minute Actor's Reel Includes Kid Chef,

Lover's and Other Strangers, Office Hours and Coping

Through Pain

Character Katie, Dr. Maitz and Mother from " Cutters Pain"

Youtube from Coping Through Pain

"Mother Daughter Scene" from Coping Through Pain

on Youtube

Bea From Lover and Other Strangers " Strange Lovers"

on Youtube


Juno on Youtube 

 Mom ~ Juno ~ Theatrical ~ the Juno Youtube Link

The White Horse Fell in the Mud Stand-up on Youtube

The White Horse Fell In The Mud ~ Stand-up ~

Improvisation ~ Comedic on Youtube

Noir Pillow Talk Murder Complete Monologue on Youtube

Noir Pillow Talk Murder ~ Theatrical ~ Film Noir on Youtube

Sharon From Office Hours " Friends With Benefits" on Youtube


WOMAN 2.1 Summit Introduction Unedited Footage

Effusion Africa on Youtube Unedited Version on Youtube

Dad's Lamp

Dad's Office Lamp From Mad Men Series, AMC Television