Tracy Ann Chapel


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The Election and Life: Talking to God (Voice-Over Monologue)

Actress Reel: Tracy Ann Chapel

Includes clips from scenes from Annie Hall, Out of Africa, Morning Routine, The Dating Dad: Spy and Date Night. Edited by Tracy McFarlin

The Dating Dad: Spy Clip

Annie Hall Narcolepsy Scene (Final Acting Assignment)

Janked Film Clip

You can see me in the film as Crying Bitch 1

Four Winds Trailer

View the Official Trailer

(Whole) Film Clips

Anonymous Dreams Complete Film

Annie Hall Spider Scene Clips  (Final Acting Crew Assignment)

Cops Shows Anonymous Television Show on Youtube

Episodic Series Shows 1-3 and 6

Quarter Season Promo

Season Finale

Kramer Vs Kramer Short Clip (From Prepared Read Audition Assignment)

Youtube 2 Minute Actor's Reel Includes Clips From Kid Chef,

Lover's and Other Strangers, Office Hours and Coping

Through Pain

Character Katie, Dr. Maitz and Mother From " Cutters Pain"

Youtube Clips from Coping Through Pain

"Mother Daughter Scene" Clip From Coping Through Pain

on Youtube

Bea From Lover and Other Strangers Clip " Strange Lovers"

on Youtube


Juno Clip on Youtube 

 Mom ~ Juno ~ Theatrical ~ the Juno Youtube Link

The White Horse Fell in the Mud Stand-up Clip on Youtube

The White Horse Fell In The Mud ~ Stand-up ~

Improvisation ~ Comedic on Youtube

Noir Pillow Talk Murder Complete Monologue on Youtube

Noir Pillow Talk Murder ~ Theatrical ~ Film Noir on Youtube

Sharon From Office Hours Clip " Friends With Benefits" on Youtube


WOMAN 2.1 Summit Introduction Unedited Footage

Effusion Africa on Youtube Unedited Version on Youtube

Dad's Lamp

Dad's Office Lamp From Mad Men Series, AMC Television