Tracy Ann Chapel





Clowns : Giggles, Cici and Sofia


Karen Paul, San Francisco School of Circus Arts C.J. Gross, Clownmobile and Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Baily Circus Palio Lacy, Make ~ A ~ Circus


Karen Paul, Steve Kauzlarich and Unknown


img_0949_2 Dancer, Ballet Russe Natalia Borisova, Director The Mark Hopkins Hotel ~ San Francisco , California russian-me-in-the-middle-2 Dancer, Russia Leonid Shagaloff, Director The Russian Festival ~ San Francisco, California munich-full-bell

Lead Dancer, Almenrausch Schuplattler

James Zimmermann, Director Hoffbrauh House ~ Munich, Germany flirt-back

Lead Dancer, Almenrausch Schuplattler

James Zimmermann, Director The Garrett ~ Rum,  Austria


 Lead Dancer, Almenrausch Schuplattler James Zimmermann, Director The Tourist Club, Nature Friends San Francisco, Mill Valley, California German Black and white


PetIMG_9853 small "What I'd Do For Love" The Petersons Toast_1024 Production Manager and Performer MusicRD copyMcClary Music

McClary Music Productions

ENTERTAINMENT BROKER, San Francisco and Los Angeles, California McClary Music Productions Paul Chiten, Nick Milo and Ed McClary The Venetian Room, Las Vegas

The Venetian Room, Las Vegas




 Nicklin Models, San Jose and Los Angeles

The Actor's Prayer


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